Trial Databases

  1. Kanunum  
  2. Lexpera 

    LEXPERA is a comprehensive legal information system which contains literature sources such as legislation, case law, contract examples, full text legal books, articles and interpretations. With LEXPERA technology, the complex links between rapidly increasing numbers of up-to-date legal sources are systematized and updated legal resources, in relation to other sources of interaction, are made accessible. With innovative processing of information resources, user-friendly design and accessibility from mobile devices, LEXPERA offers innovative solutions to appliers, students, and academicians.

  3. HukukTürk

    Republic of Turkey Legislations: Useful services such as laws, decrees with power of law, by-laws, regulations, cabinet decrees, circular letters, notices, law articles, classified case laws, decisions of Court of Appeal, State Council, Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights, Official Gazette, groups of legislations, Bibliography of Turkish Law, petition and agreement samples, law drafts, new and amended legislations, legal dictionary, and legal announcements are included.

    The user’s manual is available on :