General Information


Libraries are public areas; therefore, users should follow the rules, act responsibly, and respect other people’s rights.
Library rules are set in order to enable the users to conduct educational and research activities in healthy, safe and comfortable media.
General Rules
•    All the users should follow the SILENCE rule in common study and research areas.
•    It is not permitted to bring any large bags, suitcases into the library, or to leave them for safekeeping.
•    Library collections, equipment and furniture should be used properly.
•    Library resources cannot be taken out of the libraries without completing the loan procedure.
•    Print resources should be used carefully, and should not be damaged.
•    The libraries should be kept clean and used properly; all wastes and garbage should be thrown in bins.
•    All the users should show  their IAU ID Cards when they borrow books.
Users cannot leave their personal belongings on tables purpose of reserving there.
•    The Libraries are not responsible for unattended or lost belongings.
Food and Beverages
Users cannot enter the Libraries with any kind of food or beverages (except for water) in order to;
•    Protect and preserve common study areas, equipment and collections within the Libraries,
•    Prevent bad scents, noise and pollution, and to
•    Maintain clean and neat study areas.
Cell Phones
Users should turn off the volume of their cell phones within the Library.
“No Smoking” Area
Users cannot smoke within the “No Smoking” areas in or outside of the Libraries.