Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
ILL allows our faculty members to borrow books, articles or other kinds of publications from other university libraries when the ABU Library does not have the requested publication.
Please first check our collection for the resource you are looking for. ABU Catalog Search Link

How to Use the Service
Interlibrary cooperation allows users to borrow books or articles from other university libraries. To use this service, please open a special account at the My Library Account section with a username and password and complete the ILL e-form. Users can then send their book / article photocopy requests to the relevant library the automated process. 
Users who have not yet activated their Library Accounts should consult the Borrowing Desk for assistance.

For further information on ILL service and membership:
Phone: (0242) 245 01 06 Extension: 1106

Rules for ILL Service
This service is exclusive to the ABU faculty members and administrative staff as well as graduate and PhD students. Requested books and article photocopies are sent by cargo or post. Shipping and postage are paid by our University. Please be aware of the following rules and restrictions:

• Users must pick up their orders at the library, as the relevant institution sends the borrowed books directly to our library and will not ship to offices.
• A borrowed book can only be renewed once.
• Renewal may be made in person, by e-mail or by telephone until one week before the return date of the borrowed item.
• In the event that the borrowed book is not returned in time or is lost, the rules of the library which has lent the item apply. Users who were fined cannot send a new request to borrow another item before they pay the fine.
• Forms must be filled accurately so that the requests can be processed in a timely manner. ILL e-forms with missing or wrong information will not be processed, and users will be informed by e-mail or by phone.
• Delivery time of the material varies according to the sending institution and the postal service.

Rules for Users who Request a Publication
• The publication must be returned to the relevant library in time.
• The publication must not be copied as a whole through photocopying, etc.
• Necessary care must be taken to protect the book against any kind of damage. In the event of a damage to the book or loss, the relevant fine must be paid. 

Materials which cannot be Borrowed from Other Libraries:
• Reference resources (encylopedias, dictionaries, theses, etc.),
• Visual – audio materials (movies, microforms, cassettes, videos, CDs-DVDs),
• Special collections, journal issues and volumes.
Addresses for Book or Article Search:

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