Ordering of Resources

Faculty members and students of Antalya Bilim University can put on a request for information resources for the library.

Criteria for Assessing Orders

  • All information resources that are highly respected in the relevant field,
  • Requests for basic and recent publications for newly established departments and units,
  • Adequate and new copies of frequently used publications,
  • New copies with varied content are prioritized when requesting collections that are not frequently used.

Pre-Order Application Sources

  • For requesting books, one may use the sources of web sites of publishers such as Amazon etc.

Ordering of Resources

You can convey your resource requests to the library by filling out the Resource Request Form.

Before you make a request, we kindly ask you to scan the Library index to check if the resource you are requesting is already in The Library Collection.

After the resource arrives at the library and relevant procedures are carried out, the person who put on the request is informed.


Phone : 0 242 245 01 08

E-mail: library@antalya.edu.tr